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Where are your events?

We hold our events throughout various sites across Wales. Check out our Upcoming Events for more info.

What size are the stalls?

Stall sizes are usually 3x3m. These may vary on indoor or outdoor space. If you have any questions regarding this or require a bigger space then please let us know!

Do vendors take card?

Most vendors will take card, but please also bring cash as some vendors will not have access to a card machine.

Is there parking?

We try to hold venues where there is parking available or nearby but this is not always guaranteed.

Do I have to pay to come in?

Absolutely not! All of our events are completely free to attend!

What stalls will you have?

We try to have a variety of as many stalls as possible. These could be from Glitter Tattoos, Tasty Food, Hand Made Goods and so much more!

I'm having trouble booking a space, can I do this another way?

Of course, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

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